Sunday, December 30, 2018

Westlows Aeration. (21/11/2018)

I think everyone would agree that 2018 was an exceptional year with high temperatures prevailing for many weeks, making fishing of any kind difficult if not impossible throughout the summer!
So at Westlow Mere we have taken the decision to undertake  a major development and implement Aerators into the deeps.   We have installed 3 compressors which will feed  air through a network of pipes around the site, this air is fed through diffusers in 9 positions in the lake,  bubbles lift water from the bottom of the lake to the surface where it absorbs oxygen, this process also mixes the warmer water at the surface with the colder water from the lake bed, by constantly turning the water over in this way we create a better overall oxygen level and a more even temperature, this will not only be beneficial to the fish, but  means more natural food and fish that feed harder and for longer, thus producing better growth rates and better catch rates. .
Another big advantage with this system is it can be used to de-ice the lake in winter.
However, each Angler must play his or her part in maintaining the correct stocking levels for the lake by taking fish, catching good fish means maintaining an excellent environment for fish to thrive.



Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Since the start of the new year we have been implementing the new stocking policy, first part is complete with a good head of excellent quality fish being introduced with a big increase in Anglers both on the bank and Boats. Now we are into the second phase which is to maintain the excellent quality and good size of Trout, so we are now stocking fortnightly with Rainbows and Blues from 2lb to 15lb+ of good quality fish.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Fantastic day fishing 4 fish over 10 lbs total 12 fish well done to the management at westlow mere. Eddie Guest 27/12/2017.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Had a cracking day at westlow mere today glad to see anglers back on the bank and all catching as well I managed 5 myself one of about 8-9 lb and one of about 10 - 11 lb glad to see westlow mere back to its former glory James Mulrooney

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Clay Shooting Doveridge

Not been shooting long just about 5 months and we,
myself and my m8t are hitting about 50 to 60 out of 100,
is this an average at this stage? We shoot at Doveridge
and for first timers they have been great, everyone will
give advice, help and they are so friendly it’s just a
joy to shoot there. We shoot every Friday about 100
cartridges a time, should we shoot more to get better?
What is the average that people shoot?
Also they have just started their online shop

Matt the shop manager is always there when we want
advice on anything from shooting tips to which accessories
are the best to buy. Great place can’t pray’s them enough.